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Deep Massage Pillow

What is the "Shiatsu Massage technique" that used in the Deep Massage Pillow?

Shiatsu is a type of massage that was made popular by the Japanese. The term, shiatsu means finger pressure and is based on the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine. Proponents claim that it relieves a variety of conditions, such as headache, neck and back pain, fatigue and other joint aches. Shiatsu is famous for using the weight of the practitioner to apply pressure to a specific point of the client’s body, but it also makes use of other routines like stretching and holding. All of these techniques aim to revitalize energy within the body that may have been out of balance.

Various products have been developed to emulate the practice without the need to book an appointment with a professional therapist. Self massage devices, such as the Deep Massage Pillow are easy to carry around, affordable and effective. They’re not exact replacements of the real thing, but they can be a fantastic alternative at home, in the office or when traveling.

 Watch these video so you have an idea on how Shiatsu is performed:

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu has several health benefits. With the use of a Deep Massage Pillow, you’ll be able to enjoy some of them. Here’s some of its benefits:

  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Reduces muscle stiffness.
  • Stimulates and softens skin.
  • Treats chronic conditions like headache, back pain, neck pain, fatigue and stress.
  • Complements treatment of respiratory problems like sinusitis and the common cold.
  • Relieves constipation by stretching the abdominal muscles.

What distinguishes the Kokros Deep Massage Pillow from Shiatsu massage pillows being sold online?

  • Kokros deep massage pillow one of the top seller pillow in the USA,  Australia, United Kingdom & Most Euro countries, because Kokros has multiple warehouses in these countries and provides fast, safe and free shipping service.

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  • Curved Design: designed to fit different body positions, comprehensive care for neck, shoulder, spine and back

  • Humanized Design: Its attractive and modern design makes the Deep Massage Pillow suitable for everyone. 
  1. Suitable for different sitting and sleeping positions.
  2. Not easy to move.
  3. 75 degree backward design.
  4. Bundle-free.
  5. Tumbler design.

  • Smart Pillow, it has a multifunctional smart panel, from up till down, they are:
  1. On/Off button to start or close.
  2. Direction button to switch the directions of the massager heads. Forward and Reverse.
  3. Speed button to change the speed of the massager heads.
  4. Heating button to open or close the heating.
  5. Energy saving button to save electricity.
  6. Smart mode button to automatically alter the direction and strength in cycles. Totally, 3 different smart modes.

  • Silent motor support it run smoothly, unlike what other Shiatsu pillows offer. A special motor for kokros deep massage pillow has been designed to fit seamlessly with your comfort, enjoy the quietly.

  • With high quality material create comfortable experience. 


Kokros service & warranty:

  • Kokros offers a 1 year warranty for deep massage pillow.
  • Kokros has a fast and free shipping service to most countries of the world.
  • Support team: 24/7 customers support team.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, if you no longer like the product.



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