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Pro Teeth Cleaner
Pro Teeth Cleaner
Pro Teeth Cleaner
Pro Teeth Cleaner
Pro Teeth Cleaner
Pro Teeth Cleaner
Pro Teeth Cleaner
Pro Teeth Cleaner

Pro Teeth Cleaner

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Get A Clean Pearly White Smile And Fresh-Minty Breath Easy!

Still, have tartar and plaque build-up on your teeth even after several dentist visits?
Coffee, tea, acidic foods and more can all contribute to yellowed, unsightly teeth. Even worse, dentists agree that sticky plaque and tartar contribute to dental caries (cavities), bad breath and gum disease.   
Don't let nasty plaque build-up ruin your breath and smile!

Dental Calculus Plaque Remover Tool Kit

✔ WELCOME PEARLY WHITES: Having a shiny and healthy set of teeth has never been easier!

✔ PLAQUE NO MORE: Eliminate all tooth impurities and grin with pride! 

✔ CLEAN GALORE: Made to be portable, take it everywhere with you and show off a million-dollar smile!

✔ GIFT WORTHY OF A SMILE: Surprise your loved ones with the perfect gift for any occasion! 

DIY Plaque Remover

Boost your confidence with a Hollywood worthy smile! Bring out the best side of yourself! Get a new step into your beauty regime and don’t look back! Smile proudly and take on the day while shining brightly!

Solve all your dental issues in instant! Use it to get rid of all tooth impurities in one easy step! Eliminate plaque buildup, smog residue or even dental calculus!

Don’t miss a chance for pearly white teeth! Made from lightweight materials, it’s perfect for carrying it with you, wherever you go! Put it in your bag or your suitcase and take it on vacation or on business trips! Charged via USB, you can virtually plug it in anywhere!

Everyone deserves a healthy smile! Get your friends and family the perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas! Have them step into a brighter tomorrow!


    1 x Pro Teeth Cleaner
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 X User manual

    Have Teeth As Bright As Your Future! Get Yours Today!