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Flexi Wheel
Flexi Wheel
Flexi Wheel
Flexi Wheel
Flexi Wheel
Flexi Wheel

Flexi Wheel

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Feel Good, Do More!

Sleep, work or play with no pain to get in the way.
  • Get back-popping, knot-kneading relief
  • Effortlessly release low back tension
  • Roll out headaches and neck pain
  • Sleep better by relaxing tight muscles

Simply Super-Effective

The Flexi Wheel is so simple to use. Each wheel is about 5" wide to fit along the spine and provides the natural pressure right where you need it.

Upper Back

Get the back-popping, knot-kneading relief your upper back is craving. The 5-inch-wide Chirp Wheel is perfect for stable, easy rolling that massages the stressed muscles between your shoulder blades

Neck & Headaches

The Flexi Wheel is engineered in different sizes to provide personalized pressure to specific muscle groups (12'' & 6'') The smaller sizes are perfect for kneading stiff necks, which can also help reduce tension headaches.

Built Strong

The Flexi Wheel has an injection molded rigid core, that supports up to 500lbs.



How does the Flexi Wheel compare to other products?

Perfect Fit:

The 5-inch width fits perfectly between your shoulder blades in order to align your spine and reach those hard-to-get knots.


Wide load:

Most foam rollers steamroll your entire back because they’re too wide to effectively target the deep muscle tissue around your spine.


Perfect Pressure:

The Flexi Wheel has a rigid core that supports up to 500lbs -- so relax.

Too Soft:

The large, squishy surface area of an exercise ball wastes energy engaging your entire body instead of concentrating on specific pressure points.

Money Saver

Whether you need to prevent back pain between visits or you're taking back pain into your own hands, the CW+ costs about the same as one appointment.

Money Spender:

We’re friends with chiropractors and physical therapists. But going to see them every week for little adjustments can make your wallet hurt as much as your back.

12'' Wheel

  • Gives largest overall stretch.
  • Best for overall pain in upper and lower back.
  • Can be used to stretch hips and open up chest.

6'' Wheel
  • Gives deep targeted stretch.
  • Great for neck and posture correction.
  • Travel size.


Product Description

The Flexi Wheel is exactly what your back is craving. Your back pain has never been easier to fix. The Flexi Wheel is designed to fit perfectly between your shoulder blades, targeting the muscles that go up and down your spine. As your back is strained from the countless activities you do, those muscles lock up, cause even more pain. The Flexi Wheel massages those muscles, relaxing your back and relieving all of the pain.


The 3 Problems with Other Back Pain Relief Solutions:

1. They are expensive. Chiropractors are great, but feeling like you have to see one every week costs far more in time and money than the Flexi Wheel. In fact, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists recommend the wheel, especially for in-between visits.

2. They don't fit where you need them to. Foam rollers can't put the pressure in the right places to really relieve the pain.

3. They don't store well. Inversion tables take up half the living room, and it's impossible to fit a foam roller in your bag when you are on the go. The Flexi Wheel is lightweight and travels easy!

Feel The Difference!

  • Insanely relaxing stretch with our Flexi Wheel.
  • Deep tissue massage with our ergonomic design.
  • Lasting relief with only 5 minutes of rolling out.
  • Sleep better by relaxing tension in your neck, upper back, and lower back.
  • Husbands and wives love it.

Here is one of the reviews on the Flexi Wheel, posted on October 20, 2019, by Angela D:

"After birthing 3 kids natural and 9 years at a job that requires me to sit at a desk for 8hrs a day 5 days a week... My back was in horrible shape. I tried yoga, regular chiropractor visits, stretching, exercising, etc. Nothing seemed to relieve the everyday pain I was experiencing. One day I came across the Flexi Wheel and immediately made the purchase. Once I received it, my life was instantly changed. I sleep better at night where I used to toss and turn constantly, I no longer need pain meds and numbing creams to temporarily ease my pain... I simply feel amazing. I use my Flexi wheels morning and night, sometimes I even bring it to work if I know it's going to be a long stressful day. I can't imagine my life without it now!"

Frequently Asked Questions about Flexi wheel

Who can use the Flexi Wheel?

We have customers ranging from 18-75 years old. It can even hold up to 500 lbs, so it's built 100% PVC free and won't break down over time. The Flexi Wheel can be used on the ground, against the wall, or in a chair. Do what feels best on your back!
What specifically makes the Flexi Wheel the best back pain relief solution?
The Flexi Wheel is designed specifically for back pain relief and muscle relaxation. It can also be used to reduce tension headaches and relieve neck and shoulder pain. Every other solution is not cost-effective, does not specifically target your back where it needs to, and can't be easily stored. 
 Which wheel size should I get?
Each size wheel provides a different pressure. The 12" wheel help to ease into back pain relief without over stretching tight muscles. The 6” Deep Tissue can be a huge help with the stubborn muscles that need extra pressure to release. We always recommend the 2 wheel pack to cover all your bases and get complete back pain relief.
How does the Flexi Wheel work?
The Flexi Wheel puts pressure on the muscles surrounding the spine. In doing so, the muscles are stretched and strengthened. The technical term for this is Myofascial Release. Myofascial is a fancy word for muscle, and release is referring to the tension within the muscle.

How Many Should I Order?

  • Half of all customers order an extra wheel or two for their family, friends, or significant other.
  • These sale prices are only guaranteed for today, so it makes sense to stock up now as sale prices won't last.
  • These are the guaranteed lowest prices you'll find anywhere on the Flexi Wheel.


What is the weight limit?

Due to the rigid core of the Flexi Wheel, each wheel can hold up to 500lbs.


What's the difference between Flexi Wheel and a foam roller?

There are two main differences -- width and pressure.

1. All Flexi Wheels are 5" wide. This width is perfect for putting the pressure where it is needed along the spine and between the shoulder blades. A foam roller just steamrolls the whole area with no real focus.

2. Flexi Wheels come in 2 sizes (diameters) -- 12" and 6". Due to the size change, the area in contact with the muscles at any given point provides a different amount of pressure. Think wearing high heels in the snow vs. actual snowshoes.