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Gel for Beauty Device Face Care

Gel for Beauty Device Face Care

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product description:
This product is a new generation of waterborne polymer gel, rich in moisturizing factor, skin rejuvenation factor, anti-inflammatory analgesic factor, it's high light transmittance, thermal conductivity, no skin irritation, no damage to the skin, is an ideal Translucent heat and skin rejuvenation medium.
(High light transmittance, strong thermal conductivity, no irritation to the skin, no damage to the probe, easy to use, no corrosion, no irritation, no allergy, no pollution, easy to remove. Suitable for E light, photon, OPT, semiconductor laser, Home hair removal and skin rejuvenation equipment, RF RF ice blade, hot Magee, ultrasonic knife and other beauty equipment)
【Properties】Colorless and transparent gel, fragrance, no or a small number of bubbles.
[Product features] high light transmittance, thermal conductivity, no thorns on the skin
Excited, no damage to the probe, easy to use, no corrosion, no stimulation, no over
Sensitive, non-polluting, easy to remove.
[use] for the light quantum skin treatment instrument, E light skin rejuvenation instrument, electric wave pull
Leather instrument and so on.
[useful dosage] for external use. Apply the proper amount to probe or treatment site.
【Packing】 1 Pieces
High-definition, high-transparency, high-purity imported adhesive, efficient promotion of light, heat, and its nutrients
Conduction, surge, and absorption; non-irritating, non-toxic, non-photosensitive, non-greasy, easy to clean.
Special effects:
Efficient nutrient penetration into the skin; promote cell metabolism, high lightening, and whitening; stimulate collagen
Hyperplasia, tightening and lifting of facial skin tissue; calming and anti-inflammatory, soothing repair; repairing damaged skin,
Makes the skin smooth and delicate, white and tender.
Application scope:
1, various types of weight loss machine, fat-burning machine, super microwave dissolved fat meter;
2, electric wave skin/microwave/ body frequency weight loss instrument;
3, ultrasonic knife treatment equipment, OPT hair removal equipment, laser of the instrument and other types of nutrition into the instrument with the use of;

4, all kinds of thermal energy output and a control head and infrared series instruments can be used in conjunction