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Smart Snore Stopper
Smart Snore Stopper
Smart Snore Stopper
Smart Snore Stopper

Smart Snore Stopper

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Working principle

A. Product precisely detects and identifies snoring sounds with the bone conduction and sound recognition technologies
B. Product intervenes physically with micro sounds and micro-vibrations at 54 levels, when the intervention is successful, the soft tissue at the back of the throat will contract and tighten to open the airway wider, so that you breathe smoothly and thus stop or diminish snoring
C. After a period of use, your throat muscles are gradually tightened through exercise and will not be relaxed anymore, therefore, you will stop snoring or lessen the frequency of snoring, then it is up to you whether to continue using this product

We have an app, you can download to your smartphone, after using our product, you can sync data to our app and then you can see how many times you snoring at night and your sleep quality 
App language include English, Chinese, Japanese

Package contents :Main Component x1, Charging Dockx1, Quick Start Guide x1, User Manual x1, Charging Cable x1,Electrodes x10

Smart snore stopper can replace CPAP.No dependencies, safe, effective, As the perfect solution to improve sleep quality!

Note: our product automatically monitors snoring only in the presence of snoring, and then releases electrical pulses that alleviate snoring.

The intensity of the electrical pulse will automatically adjust according to the size of the snoring.
If you want to know the working status of the product, please use the data synchronously through the APP after each use. You can check the working status of the device. The product won't work without snoring!
If you have any questions during the use, please contact us and we will help you.
Thank you for your understanding.